Super Bowl 2019: Ex-Giants ball boy John Fassel is assistant coach whose uncovered gems sparked Rams to Super Bowl 53


The play that protected the Rams in the NFC Championship Game and the play that sent them to Super Bowl LIII both were made by John Fassel finds.

The Rams trailed 13-0 against the Saints until punter Johnny Hekker’s pass fruition expanded a second-quarter drive bringing about a field objective. A few hours after the fact, Greg Zuerlein kicked the longest amusement winning field objective in NFL playoff history, a 57-yarder to end extra minutes.

A glad day for Fassel, the Rams exceptional groups facilitator since 2012. A pleased day for his dad Jim, the previous head mentor of the Giants who had John around the group as a school matured ball kid in the late 1990s.

“What he’s done there is stunning,” Jim revealed to NJ Advance Media. “He found both the kicker and the punter, and that mix is by a long shot the best in the NFL. The thing I’m most glad for with John is he gets the best out of his players.”

The senior Fassel was viewing with companions on one of the two wide screen TVs at his Las Vegas home. He had a minute best depicted as dad’s instinct before Hekker’s 12-yard culmination to a cornerback moved the chains on fourth-and-5.

“I knew 100 percent he would haul something out of his back pocket on unique groups,” Jim said.

Hekker attempted to stroll on as a quarterback at Oregon State yet made the group as a punter. He is the Rams’ crisis third-string quarterback on gamedays and is 12-for-20 tossing the ball amid a seven-year vocation that incorporates four Pro Bowl choices.

“John was searching for a punter that could toss the football,” Jim said. “John continued selecting (Hekker) and afterward there probably been 10 groups who needed to talk him (after he went undrafted). He stated, ‘I need to play for John Fassel.'”

The Rams’ NFC title profited from a missed pass impedance punishment that could’ve set up the Saints for a stroll off win, yet Jim Fassel wouldn’t like to hear sharp grapes. The Giants lost a heartbreaker to the 49ers amid the 2002 playoffs when a conspicuous pass impedance punishment on the last play — a scramble bore after a low snap on a field-objective endeavor — was overlooked.

“You must win,” Jim said. “The refs missed the call. Individuals overlook that when we played the 49ers the arbitrators blew it totally. That cost us the amusement. Presently if there is a punishment on the last play, every one of the officials get together and state, ‘What did you see?'”

John Fassel was on the sidelines for a Super Bowl once previously, watching very close as his dad’s Giants lost to the Ravens in January 2001. By at that point, he had moved on from ball kid to school football colleague mentor.

This Is How Much Super Bowl Tickets Cost in 2019

The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots just punched their tickets to Super Bowl LIII, however a large number of individuals have as of now – and before long will be – clamoring for tickets of their own. In the event that you need to be there at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on February 3, you would be advised to act quick.

Super Bowl tickets are famously costly, and restrictively so for a great many people, however that doesn’t prevent diehard fans from doing all that they can to attempt and score a decent seat to the greatest round of the year. Notwithstanding, Mercedes-Benz Stadium can just hold such a significant number of individuals (71,000 to be exact), so rivalry is tight. In case you’re tingling to be there, or simply inquisitive the amount it’d cost, this is what you have to know.

The amount Are Tickets to the 2019 Super Bowl?

Getting the opportunity to see all the activity on and off the field face to face isn’t modest. Past the lodgings, nourishment, and everything else engaged with visiting Atlanta for multi day or two, the seats themselves are fiercely costly. All things considered, Super Bowl ticket costs go somewhere in the range of $3,000 and $6,000, as indicated by’s fellow benefactor Brett Goldberg. Obviously, as the amusement draws nearer, various variables go into the entire financial aspects, all things considered, in particular which two groups end up going head to head against each other. Likewise, except if you have an inside association or get snared through work, the greater part of the tickets up for snatches presently are just accessible through the resale advertise. At the season of production, the least expensive ticket accessible on StubHub was $3,650 for a corner spot in the Upper Bowl, while the most costly was an astounding $475,000 for a suite close to the 20 yard line.

Those costs, be that as it may, are a long way from the assumed worth of the tickets. In 2018, confront values for tickets to Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis extended somewhere in the range of $950 and $5,000. Sadly, the main way you will finish up paying presumptive worth for them this year is in case you’re a NFL Season Ticket holder. In case you’re a season ticket holder you’re naturally gone into a lottery to have a chance to purchase tickets without needing any proof. However, and, after its all said and done, inclination is given dependent on things like whether your group is playing in the major event, what number of seats you claim, and the quantity of seasons you’ve possessed them, as indicated by Goldberg.

With respect to how the tickets are explicitly circulated, 17.5% of the tickets are given to every one of the playing groups, 6.2% are given to the host group (this year, the Atlanta Falcons), and the rest of the 29 groups split 33.6% equally. The staying 25.2% of tickets are then held by the NFL, which at that point pitches them to accomplices, media, and patrons, per Goldberg.

That is all to state, in case you’re gung-ho on going, hope to dole out no less than a couple of fabulous.

The most effective method to Get Tickets to the 2019 Super Bowl

In case you’re not kidding about scoring a seat to the major event and arranged to drop a fat piece of money, you have a lot of alternatives. Your most solid option is to examine the resale locales like StubHub, Vivid Seats, and TickPick. At this moment, there are additionally some generally reasonable tickets available to be purchased straightforwardly through the authority NFL’s ticket benefit, NFL On Location. However, before you click “purchase” you’d be savvy to ensure you’re comfortable with the arena format so you know precisely what you’re purchasing. Concerning when to pull the trigger on acquiring, it’s hard to state now, however as indicated by TickPick’s investigation of Super Bowl ticket costs throughout the years, it appears just as purchasing about seven days out might be the most secure wagered in case you’re planning to get the best arrangement. In spite of the fact that don’t hold up excessively long, on the grounds that as indicated by Yahoo!, costs frequently creep back up again in the 72 hours before kickoff.

Right now, it’s hazy precisely what the normal ticket cost will be for the 2019 Super Bowl, yet a year ago it was $5,682, as indicated by StubHub. Also, we’re not saying spending that sort of batter for a night of amusement isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits or anything, yet to make sure you know, that is all that anyone could need cash to score yourself a decent little summer home in Italy at this moment.

Brady heads to ninth Super Bowl as Patriots beat Chiefs – highlights

Tom Brady achieves an exceptional ninth Super Bowl in the wake of driving his group to a 37-31 extra time prevail upon the Kansas City Chiefs.

Peruse MORE: Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots beat Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 to set up LA Rams meeting

Watch NFL This Week on Tuesday, 22 January (23:15 GMT) on BBC Two and Super Bowl LIII live from Atlanta on Sunday, 3 February on BBC One.

Watch features as the Los Angeles Rams secure the NFC title and a place in the Super Bowl with a disputable 26-23 extra minutes triumph at the New Orleans Saints.

Watch NFL This Week on Tuesday 22 January (23:15 GMT) on BBC Two and Super Bowl LIII live from Atlanta on Sunday, 3 February on BBC One.

Super Bowl-bound Rams set for London return, Chiefs to face Chargers in Mexico

Super Bowl-bound Rams set for London return, Chiefs to face Chargers in Mexico

The Los Angeles Rams will come back to London next season, possibly as safeguarding Super Bowl champions.

The timetable for the NFL amusements in London and Mexico City for 2019 was discharged on Monday, with the Rams set to play in the United Kingdom for the fourth time as they go up against the Cincinnati Bengals.

That diversion will frame some portion of a title barrier on the off chance that they beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII having vanquished the New Orleans Saints in additional time in the NFC Championship amusement.

The Kansas City Chiefs, beaten in the AFC Championship amusement by the New England Patriots in extra minutes, will confront the Los Angeles Chargers in Mexico City. The Chiefs had been booked to confront the Rams at Estadio Azteca this season yet poor field conditions saw the diversion moved back to Los Angeles.

A get-together between Chicago Bears star Khalil Mack and the Oakland Raiders will occur in London as they square off over the Atlantic, while the Jacksonville Jaguars will play their yearly UK amusement against AFC South opponents the Houston Texans. This will check the seventh year in succession the Jags have played in London.

Another divisional conflict adjusts off the London plan, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers confronting the Carolina Panthers. Two of the London diversions will occur at Wembley and two will be held at Tottenham’s new arena.

2019 NFL Playoffs: Ranking the four possible Super Bowl matchups, and the odds each actually happen

People, Championship Sunday is HERE. In only a couple of hours, we’ll discover which groups get the chance to speak to the AFC and NFC in Super Bowl LIII, which you can stream appropriate here on With four groups staying, there are four potential outcomes for the matchup we’ll see: Chiefs versus Holy people; Chiefs versus Rams; Patriots versus Holy people; and Patriots versus Rams.

With the assistance of our companions from SportsLine (yell out to Stephen Oh), we’ve separated the rate chance that we will see every one of those matchups come February 3, from destined to most unrealistic. The projections for each amusement are produced utilizing the likelihood that every individual group wins their particular gathering title matchup. Notwithstanding anticipating the probability of each diversion, SportsLine felt free to extend the rate possibility of who might win every one of those matchups also.

super bowl 2019

Utilizing this as a guide, what we’ve done underneath is control rank the potential Super Bowl matchups trying to figure out which would dispassionately be the “best.” How did we do that? Normally, we did as such by utilizing a totally self-assertive and abstract framework in which the panel (for the most part just me, however with scattershot contribution from some CBS Sports associates) positioned every one of the four potential matchups crosswise over eight classes, with 1 being the best score and 4 preceding the most noticeably bad:

  • What amount of media promotion would the particular matchup get? (Publicity)
  • What amount does it appear NFL fans need to see this particular matchup? (Want)
  • Would this particular matchup yield a quality football game? (Quality)
  • How intriguing is the matchup of hostile plans? (Offense)
  • How intriguing is the matchup of cautious plans? (Resistance)
  • How fascinating is the instructing matchup? (Training)
  • What amount on or off-field dramatization would be related with the amusement? (Show)
  • How intriguing is the fundamental account snare for the matchup between the two groups? (Account)

In the wake of positioning each amusement from 1-4 in those eight classifications, they got a totally objective (for example 100 percent abstract) score that drove us to the accompanying inarguable Power Rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs versus New Orleans Saints

SportsLine: 36.5 percent possibility of being Super Bowl LIII matchup

This appears the matchup that somewhere around a majority of NFL fans need to see now. A Chiefs versus Holy people Super Bowl would pit the No. 1 group from every meeting against one another in an amusement including the two best offenses in the alliance, just as the two best quarterbacks – who are additionally liable to be the main two MVP finishers. We’d get two weeks of promotion about how this can possibly be the most elevated scoring Super Bowl ever, and there would presumably be a totally crazy over-under aggregate to examine.

There would be stars everywhere throughout the field on offense (Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Tyreek Hill, Michael Thomas, Travis Kelce, Alvin Kamara) and protection (Dee Ford, Justin Houston, Chris Jones, Cameron Jordan, Marshon Lattimore), just as two of the group’s best mentors in Andy Reid and Sean Payton. There’s very little characteristically intriguing about a Reid versus Payton matchup, however, past the way that they are both great mentors. So despite the fact that they’re amazing, the training matchup got the most minimal positioning out of the four potential Super Bowl matchups.

The diversion would probably be equitably coordinated, which SportsLine’s projections back up by giving the Chiefs a 52.8 percent shot of winning contrasted with 47.2 percent for the Saints. It’s additionally a matchup that no one has seen yet this season, so there would be a great deal of intriguing things to break down on the two sides of the ball, with no genuine guide through which to dissect them. There’s not really a world class story snare here, but rather “the two best groups in the association” is still entirely convincing.

2. New England Patriots versus New Orleans Saints

SportsLine: 23.4 percent possibility of being Super Bowl LIII matchup

Do you think there may be an intriguing story snare to a Tom Brady versus Drew Brees Super Bowl? Do you think systems like CBS, America’s Most Watched Network, would have a flat out field day advancing a matchup between the best quarterback ever and conceivably the most misjudged quarterback ever? Is it even conceivable to show signs of improvement story snare than this? (Not this year, says the board.)

On the off chance that just the story were the main thing that made a difference here. This probably does not come as news to Patriots fans, but rather most aficionados of other NFL groups are tired of the Patriots being in the Super Bowl each year, so a Pats-Saints Super Bowl scored generally low in the promotion and want classes, contrasted with what you may think it merits.

The real nature of the amusement would almost certainly be incredible (SportsLine has it as the most equitably coordinated potential Super Bowl, giving the Saints a 51.4 percent possibility of winning the Patriots’ 48.6 percent shot) given the qualities of the two groups and the probability that the diversion would be very much trained (and keeping in mind that Bill Belichick versus Sean Payton isn’t the most intriguing instructing matchup, it is quite damn close), the schematic matchup wouldn’t be as fascinating basically on the grounds that everyone knows so damn much about Belichick’s protection, Payton’s offense, and Josh McDaniels’ chameleon-esque offense now.

What’s more, with small associating the two groups past untouched incredible quarterbacks and tip top mentors whose strengths lie on inverse sides of the ball, there doesn’t have all the earmarks of being much potential for dramatization.

3. Kansas City Chiefs versus Los Angeles Rams

SportsLine: 24.4 percent possibility of being Super Bowl LIII matchup

Take a gander at your TV control from Wednesday night and flip over to NFL Network at 8 p.m. Eastern. Truly. Go do it. (Pauses.) OK. You back? Fantastic. What did you see there? Boss versus Rams from Week 11! The best round of the whole NFL season! 54-51! A gazillion touchdowns. A bagillion yards! Eleventy-trillion pass endeavors! Show to the total max!

Definitely, I figure this matchup would get a considerable lot of publicity. NFL Network may replay that Chiefs versus Rams diversion at regular intervals for the following two weeks if this wound up being the Super Bowl matchup. And keeping in mind that Chiefs versus Holy people appears the matchup the best number of individuals need to see, I don’t figure general society would sniffle at getting a rematch of the absolute most convincing session of the season.

All that stated, this matchup misses the mark in a great deal of alternate classes. SportsLine has it as the most unbalanced potential Super Bowl matchup, which the Chiefs having a 56.2 percent shot of triumph to simply 43.8 percent for the Rams. The hostile plans are fiercely fascinating in light of the fact that Reid and Sean McVay are two of the most imaginative hostile mentors in the association, yet the Rams’ hostile droop throughout the second 50% of the season keeps it from being the best potential hostile matchup. These two groups additionally have the two most noticeably awful safeguards of the rest of the groups, despite the fact that one of them utilizes the best protective player in football.

A training matchup between the apparently ever-enduring hostile virtuoso (Reid) and the wunderkind hostile virtuoso (McVay) is convincing, however not really as convincing as other potential matchups, for different reasons. Two youthful groups with heaps of stars, one of whom was exchanged from one group to the next last offseason (Marcus Peters) and who likes to talk makes for high show potential, yet the story snare endures on the grounds that we’ve just observed this matchup this season.

4. New England Patriots versus Los Angeles Rams

SportsLine: 15.7 percent possibility of being Super Bowl LIII matchup

It appears to be totally insane to have this matchup last, yet as should be obvious from the total scores, it’s not really that a long ways behind any of the others in any case. They’re all great and extremely fun and we’d be fortunate to perceive any of them.

Where this particular matchup scores best is on the training front: Bill Belichick, the best mentor ever of, against Sean McVay, the person that very numerous individuals are pegging as anyone else to take that mantle throughout the following couple decades. Belichick’s cautious virtuoso conflicting with McVay’s hostile dominance would make for an entrancing story snare, particularly with the potential that it could speak to a changing of the protect of sorts of the Rams figured out how to pull off a success.

All things considered, this appears as though the least fascinating on-field matchup between the two genuine groups we’d see out there. It’s difficult to see Pats versus Rams getting more publicity than different matchups, given that this specific Pats group appears to be a lot more fragile than past adaptations we’ve seen and that the Rams have not been working at full quality for some time now. Also, once more, non-New England fans appear to be genuinely unengaged in observing one more Brady-Belichick crowning ceremony (sorry, it’s actual) and there is surely a touch of McVay-related backfire going around in NFL hovers too.

The hostile matchup here would intrigue, yet guard really appears the all the more convincing side of the ball here. How might Belichick plan to stop McVay’s offense? Is it about Todd Gurley or does he copy the blueprint the Lions, Bears, and Eagles utilized so effectively before in the season? What’s more, how might Wade Phillips, a standout amongst the best cautious organizers ever, manage Tom Brady for the umpteenth time? How might Belichick and McDaniels represent the diversion destroying capacity of Aaron Donald?

This all appears to be intriguing, yet SportsLine pegs the Pats as (nearly) substantial top choices with a 55.4 percent shot of triumph to the Rams’ 45.6 percent possibility, making it the second most-unbalanced matchup of the four. With the Patriots continually endeavoring to keep off-field show to a base consistently, even an uncontrollably interesting matchup like this one winds up missing the mark contrasted with the others.